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Anyone use an M-1 Garand as your SHTF Rifle? - AR15.COM

My Garand isn't my SHTF rifle, but it is the answer I always give to the "if you could only have one" question. Its a 1942 model with a new Criterion barrel and the original stock. It never failed me during the few years I participated in Garand matches, and I LOVE .30-06. I got it from the CMP for $450

‘Cocks Not Glocks’ Hands Out Dildos to Protest Campus Carry ...

This wasn’t just any ordinary gun-control get-together. To live up to their name, which was a joke at first, Cocks not Glocks protesters handed out large dildos to participants to show their opposition to Senate Bill 11, which legalized campus carry on public universities.

'Cocks Not Glocks' Group Launches 'Student Body Armor' to ...

Cocks Not Glocks, the group of college students from the University of Texas at Austin who took a jab at campus carry by passing out 4,000 dildos to their peers (get it, cocks in lieu of Glocks), is up to new hijinks in an attempt to double down on its opposition to laws that allow law-abiding students, faculty, and staff to carry concealed firearms onto school grounds.

Bunch of Nice Garand Parts - CMP Forums

Shipping is $5 First Class. Can ship multiple parts with no extra ship charge as long as they fit in padded envelope I use and dont go over weight. SA 11 and SA-11 safeties $23 each plus ship (3 rd & 4th from top SOLD) C46015-4W.R.A. Safety $40 plus ship SOLD. Unissued extractors $20 ea plus ship.

Larry Babcock, photo essay vs. Canfields m1 garand - CMP Forums

Larry Babcock, photo essay vs. Canfields m1 garand. I ordered a bunch of books on the garand and the carbine. Duffs m1 garand WWII & post WWII , Canfields m1 garand Rifle & his complete guide to the garand and carbine , Larry Ruth war baby 3, Babcock photo essay, and Riesch m1 carbine war time production. A whole lot of reference and hopefully ...

First Garand - The kid got lucky...! - SASS Wire Saloon ...

A service grade winchester m1 carbine and my favorite garand, a correct grade H & R. I have no plans to sell either, if I can help it. When my oldest son was 4 he went with me to the south store and he picked out a rack grade underwood m1 carbine that he later , when he was 12, shot his first deer with.

threaded barrel - M1 Garand Forum.com

Posts: 1052. #5. 01-30-2019, 10:15 PM. Some guns used by the movie industry had their barrels threaded in the bore at the muzzle end. A blank firing device was then treaded into the bore where it would not be seen. 1 like.

The Amazing History of the Dildo, According to Sex Toy Historians

The Fascinating History of Dildos. Some of the earliest dildos humans have found existed around 30,000 years ago. Well, as far as we know. Archaeologists have found a 28,000-year-old stone penis ...

What product can you add the phrase “military grade” to that ...

Answer (1 of 3): Military Grade Dildo. The M78 Bunker Buster Dildo, a product from many years of research by DARPA scientists. Made with military grade Kevlar coating, it ensures no harm would be done to the user’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Best Strap-On Harnesses and Dildos - Best Strap On Dildos

The dildo also twists onto the base, so it’s super secure, which is great if you find the typical O-ring strap-on harnesses don’t give you as much security or range of motion as you would like.